Skip Healy mit einer Band der MGD (Musikgesellschaft Dottikon)

As part of a MGD concert, Skip performed Irish tunes in the Aula Risi in Dottikon.

Take off… a musical journey around the world. Follow us to Italy and dream of dolce far niente to well-known melodies. In London we rock in honor of the Queen and in Puerto Rico we enjoy leisurely or simply despacito. Travel with us to Bümpliz, sit back and enjoy our wonderful musical world. A special highlight awaits us during a stopover in northern Europe. There we meet our star guest Skip Healy. He will take us to the land of endless green meadows, rugged cliffs and countless sheep with his Celtic music.

Skip Healy is known worldwide as one of the best Celtic Flute and American Fife players. His style, at once traditional and modern, brings new life to his vast repertoire of melodies. He has performed in over 20 countries, won countless competitions and is considered one of the best makers of wooden flutes, fifes and piccolos.


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