2016-03-08 CELTIC MUSIC NIGHTS 2016



FRYDAY, 18th of March 2016, 20:00h in WOHLEN
SATURDAY 19th of March 2016, 20:00h in BASEL

Revival of the Celtic Music Night mit Skip Healy and Friends
featuring Sean O'Donnel and Mike Katz from Scotlands famous BATTLEFIELD BAND with Special Guest Sämi Moor

Sämi Moor - Skip Healy - Mike Katz - Sean O' Donnell (from left to right) / Fotos: Benno Hunziker, Basel

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Skip Healy
known as one of the worldwide best Celtic Flute und American Fife players. His style, traditional and modern at the same time, brings a new life into his tremendous repertoir of tunes. He performed in more than 20 countrys, was world champion with three instruments and is known as one of the best manufacturers from Irish Wooden Flutes, Fifes and Piccolos.

Sean O'Donnell
born in Derry, orthern Ireland came to Scotland in 1996. Known as great gutarplayer. During the years he played in differnt bands. With his special style of playing and singing, he is one of the members from the legendary scottish Battlefield Band.

Mike Katz
joined the Battlefield Band in 1997. As a multitalented instrumentalist he can use a lot of sources. Coming fom LA, whre he learned to play the bagpipes, he moved in the age of 18 years to Scotland, where he studied in Edinburg. Here he played in different bands especially in the Scottish Gas Pipe Band & Ceolbeg, before he joined the Battlefield Band in 1997.

Sämi Moor
Sämi is an experienced guitarplayer and singer, songwriter and arrangeur. He ha no problems with performing on any kind of stage. He played with people from Battlefieldband and the City of Basel Caledonia Pipeband. He also founded and managed the Shipwrecked Chanteymen and the Swiss Mariners Chanteymen.