Celtic Music Festival (CMFA) Avenches, July 2017

The fourth edition from Avenches Celtic Music Festival occured from 30th of june to 2nd of july. Temperatures have been autumnal, but anyway there was a lot of people enjoying the performances from the musicans from Ireland, England, Scotland and Switzerland. On the mediveal place in the citycentre for three days and nights everything was about Celtic Music .

The musical range reached from traditional bagpipetunes across the literature of celtic music and ended with own compositions and modern arrangements for singing, flute, fife, guitar, mandolin, uliean pipe, bodhran and diverse kinds of bagpipes.

At the festivel played the irish fiddlemaster Josie Nugent, the irish pipechampion Brian Stafford, the guitarplayer and singer from the  Battlefield Band Sean O'Donnell, the fluteplayer and instrument maker Skip Healy on diverse irish flutes and fifes, the singer Sami Moor with his songs and shanties, the virtuoso John Martin with fiddle and viola, the great bodhranplayer and instrument maker Seamos O'Kane, on the traditional scottish bagpipes the world-famous piper Stuart Samson together with the great bagpipe player Mike Katz from the Battlefield Band.

Like every year there was also a big offer of  beers, irish/scotch whisky and special food from Ireland and Scotland available.

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Celtic Music Festival, Avenches 2017

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