2019-03-15 Celtic Concerts in Wohlen & Basel




FREITAG, 15. MÄRZ 2019, 20:00h im Schlössli Wohlen (Healy/Bütler/Müller) - Doors 19:30h
Steingasse 6, 5610 Wohlen

SAMSTAG 16. MÄRZ 2019, 20:00h in BASEL (Healy/Leclercq) - Doors 19:30h
Grottegyggser Käller, Kohlenberg 7, Eingang Steinenbachgässlein

Celtic Music Concerts with Skip Healy and Friends
featuring Olivier Leclercq, Patrick Bütler and Herbert Müller

" Skip-Mike-Sean "

Skip Healy
known as one of the worldwide best Celtic Flute und American Fife players. His style, traditional and modern at the same time, brings a new life into his tremendous repertoir of tunes. He performed in more than 20 countrys, was world champion with three instruments and is known as one of the best manufacturers from Irish Wooden Flutes, Fifes and Piccolos.

Olivier Leclercq
iis a very experienced guitar player and singer, specialised on Celtic Music of all styles. He is playing with different formations and musicans, especially with Skip Healy, Celtic Breeze and the Super Celts. His technique by playing the guitar harmonises perfect with all styles of Celtic Music.

Patrick Bütler and Herbert Müller
are playing irish ans scottish folkmisic since more than 20 yeasrs. They are organising irish folk sessions and are performing in different formations. In many workshops in Ireland, Germany and Switzerland they enlarged their musical experience and built a broad repertoir. With their celic folkband "scéalta" Herbert Bütler and Martin Müller are covering a lot of genres. With their music they express the diversity, liveliness and mystic of the "Celtic-Folk".

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