Music Weeks Arosa 2023 - Wind in the Alpes

From July 23th to July 29th 2023 Skip will teach again at the "Musikkurswochen" in beautiful Arosa, Switzerland.
Lessons are about traditional irish music (Flute/Tinwhistle) and suitable for beginners and
experienced people who are interested in irish folk music.

Instructor: Skip Healy
Topic: getting to know and playing Irish folk music.
Irish flute, tin whistle and fife can be provided and, if desired, purchased from the instructor.
Target group: beginners and advanced
Method: Work in groups four to six hours a day.
Course language: German and English
Course fee CHF 510.- * / CHF 670.- Loan instrument (free) if required.
Course Location:  Hotel Hohe Promenade

register here at Musikkurswochen Arosa

further information or registration direct to the teacher:
Skip Healy
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
mobile: +41 79 124 74 61

* The lower course fee applies to overnight stays in one of the course hotels offered by the organizers of the Arosa music course weeks, provided the booking is made through the Arosa music course weeks. The reduction is possible because the hotels support the Arosa music course weeks financially.

Document for Students "Musikwochen Arosa 2023" (opening only with password):

Letter from Skip and tunes