St. Patricks Day - Celtic Concerts 2020

Skip Healy presents three highclass events:

Friday, 13th march 2020
Celtic Concert, 20:00h (Doors 19:30)
Basel, Grottegyggserkäller am Kohlenberg 7 (ehemaliges BaZ am Barfi Haus)

Saturday, 14th march 2020
Celtic Concert, 20:00h (Doors 19:30)
Wohlen, Kulturbeiz Chappelehof

Sunday, 15th march 2020
Irish Eveving (unplugged), 20:00h (Doors 19:30)
Wohlen, Schlössli

Reservation by Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tickets: 30.- / person and event

Attention: on Friday, March 13th and on Saturday, March 14th, Raiffeisenbank events will take place in Wohlen. Those interested in the Saturday concert can take advantage of the Raiffeisenbank's Friday evening event and do not have to miss the Saturday night concert at Chappelehof.
Visitors to the bank event due to reasons on Saturday have to enjoy the opportunity of the Celitic Evening with Skip, Mike and Sean in the Schlössli Wohlen on Sunday evening.
We look forward to you!

Skip Healy
is known worldwide as one of the best Celtic Flute and American Fife players.
His style, both traditional and modern, brings new life to his immense repertoire of tunes.
He has performed in over 20 countries, has won Championchips on three different instruments and is considered one of the best manufacturer of wooden flutes, Fifes and Piccolos known.

Mike Katz
joined the Battlefield Band in 1997. As a multi-instrumentalist he draws from many sources.
From LA, where he learned bagpiping, he moved to Scotland at the age of 18,
where he studied in Edinburgh. Here he played in various bands, including the Scottish
Gas Pipe Band and with the formation Ceolbeg, before joining the Battlefield Band in 1997.

Sean O'Donnell
was born in Derry, Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland in 1996. He became known
as a great guitarist and singer who played in different bands. His unique
Style of play and his own singing style made him an integral part of the legendary
Scottish Battlefield Band.


Preview: Skip Healy with a band from MGD (Musikgesellschaft Dottikon)

As part of a MGD concert, Skip in the Aula Risi in Dottikon will perform with Irish tunes.
Reserve the date to skip and enjoy your music live again!
Concerts: Friday April 24 and Saturday April 25, 8 pm in the Aula Risi in Dottikon.

Further information will follow soon!

Music Weeks Arosa 2020 - Wind in the Alpes

From July 26th to August 1st 2020 Skip will teach again at the "Musikkurswochen" in beautiful Arosa, Switzerland.
Lessons are about traditional irish music (Flute/Tinwhistle) and suitable for beginners and
experienced people who are interested in irish folk music.

Instructor: Skip Healy
Topic: getting to know and playing Irish folk music.
Irish flute and tin whistle can be provided and, if desired, purchased from the instructor.
Target group: beginners and advanced
Method: Work in groups four to six hours a day.
Course language: German and English
Course fee CHF 510.- * / CHF 670.- Loan instrument (free) if required.
Course Location: Hotel Hohe Promenade

* The lower course fee applies to overnight stays in one of the course hotels offered by the organizers of the Arosa music course weeks, provided the booking is made through the Arosa music course weeks. The reduction is possible because the hotels support the Arosa music course weeks financially.

Further information can be found on the website of the Arosa music course weeks.

More informations on the sites of "Musikkurswochen Arosa".




  • Past Events / Videos (US)


    Skip Tessin, Switzerland 1989

    So many events - concerts, sessions, private appearances, in small or huge venues, too many to count over the past five decades.
    Here are some videos of some of these events. I hope you enjoy watchng and listening to this videos as much as I have enjoyed the performences themselfes.