Label: Empty Pockets Productions
Year 2014
Price: US$ 30.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Skip Healy – D Flute, Fife
Olivier Leclercq – Guitar, Vocals

Enjoy the great athosphere of this first live CD from Empty Pocket Productions presenting a concert from "Sternensaal" in Wohlen, Switzerland.

The recording was done in Switzerland on March 15th 2015, in the Sternensaal in Wohlen. I play together with one of my best friends, an extraordinary guitar player and singer from France, my "brother from another Mother", Olivier Leclercq. On this CD you will find a mixture from old and new pieces, also some sets from earlier "Empty Pockets" recordings (from "Farewell New England's Shores", "Purgatory Chasm" and "The Cartel") can be heard on a live CD for the first time. Also some great tunes and songs fom Olivier can be found on this record. All sets have been recorded live without corrections (as you will hear!) - I only changed the order of the tunes for having a better flow for the listener that could not be in the concert.

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Price: $30.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Track No Title Sample
1 Introduction  
2 Saddle the Pony - Munster Buttermilk  
3 Sligo Maid - Star of Munster
4 The Home Ruler - Kittys Wedding  
5 Whiskey in the Jar - The Scholar  
6 Carrickfergus  
7 Swallowtail Jig - Fifty Cents
8 Johnnys'Llama - Empty Pockets  
9 The City of Chicago
10 The Rights of Man  
11 Binningen Waltz - Rose of Shannon
12 Paddy on a Handcar - The Black Pearl - Soldiers of France  
13 Band of Brothers
14 Better Time - Kesh Jig  
15 Silver Spear - Glen Allen - Bay of Fundy